Aerobic Fitness is Great for the Body and Now the Mind

Some might see exercise as a nonessential part to their everyday lives even though the health benefits are numerous. The website Science Daily has released an article furthering the importance of exercise. Benefits such as a healthier heart, improved body composition, and increased energy levels are simple yet important side effects of exercise. Recently a study was released in Cognitive, Affective & Behavioral Neuroscience suggesting that increasing your aerobic fitness (your body’s ability to consume and use oxygen) will in turn improve the function of your long term memory (anything remembered over thirty seconds is consider long term memory according to the study). Michigan State University researchers had college student participants perform long term memory task over the course of two days. It was found that individuals who were considered fit had a significantly improved long term memory over their sedentary counterparts.

            The implications are obvious, especially to western cultures such as the United States. Improving test scores throughout grade school has become a top priority. And in order to accomplish the goals set out by the school districts physical education has been removed in some cases. Maybe if schools were able to focus on both, students test scores might increase due to the fact their long term memory which is essentially for studying would significantly improve. Not to mention this is just another good mark on how exercise can benefit anyone and help accomplish their goals whether its improving physical or even mental health.


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