The Higgs Boson Dilemma Continued…

If the discovery is finally verified to be the Higgs boson (the fundamental particle) and is not replaced by some other fundamental particle such as techni quarks, the standard model will still triumph; however it leaves future avenues of study with little to nothing to proceed with. Before the discovery of the Higgs boson particle, many had conceived new theories (e.g., string theory, super-symmetry, multiverse) to further explain our existence. A explained in my previous post the Higgs has done very little to surprise scientists and its results somewhat contradict the new models. Super-symmetry at one point seem to be the best answer, but according to Tomasso Dorigo, a particle physicist who works at the LHC, stated, “All this means that confidence in super-symmetry is dropping like a stone” (Mann, 2013). As a result of old theories being dismissed, things seem to be getting more pessimistic within the physics community. A poll was takennd over forty percent of the scientist claimed the LHC will not find anything new (Mann, 2013). However, in order to get a jump start in particle physics, a hopeful source would be to find some new particle or particles at the LHC that theorist have not yet contemplated such as techni quarks.  The white elephant in the room lies within the fact the universe might not be exactly how the scientist want it to be. There is the idea of a natural universe and conversely an unnatural universe. The main difference is that a natural universe has a sound beautiful explanation while the unnatural universe is just a universe created purely from chance. At this point there appears to be no way to test if the universe is unnatural, thus the scientific community will push on in some other direction (Mann, 2013). However, techni quarks could fix that data  and reopen the idea of super symmetry, which is why is more important than ever for particle accelerators to make the necessary advancements in order to find techni quarks.

Mann, A. (2013, October 8). Higgs Boson Gets Nobel Prize, But Physicists Still Don’t Know

           What It Means

One thought on “The Higgs Boson Dilemma Continued…

  1. The post was okay, but I still want to know what techni quarks are. I hear mention of them throughout the post, but I honestly have no idea what they are. If they were mentioned in a previous, could you please make mention of that or leave a link in the post to that talks about it?

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