My Encounter With the Queen of Poop

Recently I sat down with Dr. Sarah Campbell who resides within the Exercise Science Department at Rutgers University. My mission was to interview her on her past research regarding second hand tobacco smoke. But before I even got to sit down with her, arranging the meeting was actually quite hectic. We had been exchanging emails for a day or so and due to my late response, Dr. Campbell responded even later, such as 2am asking me to come in the following morning around eight thirty or so. I was of course asleep at that time but by the miracle of my erratic sleep patterns I woke up at 6am to find an email on phone telling me to be in Dr. Campbell’s office within two hours. Dr. Campbell’s initial response to my presence could only be described as warming and welcoming which made for an easy and productive interview. For everyone question I had Campbell responded with well thought out answers which some might think to be obvious since she conducted the research. However I considered my questions to be quite difficult for the most part. At times we got side tracked but for good reasons. Dr. Campbell is a devoted mother of two younger boys who love science as much as she does. Dr. Campbell loved to talk about them when the situation was appropriate. An example would be when I asked Dr. Campbell to clarify the procedure of the study, and she handed me a special tube use to collect the blood samples. In addition to her clarification she went on to tell me about career day for her son and how she brought in the tubes for the kids to play with. All in all the interview went extremely well and Dr. Campbell even told me to come by sometime if I had any more questions.


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