Do Not Lie to Me Higgs! is There Some Other Particle?

When the Higgs boson was first discovered, the data showed no evidence of it revealing any surprises. For particle physicists, that was the exact opposite of what they wanted. However, from amidst the chaos a new theory has risen leaving the physics community jumping for joy. Two words, “Techni quarks.” has released information regarding the solution to particle physicists’ greatest dilemma. For some time theorist believed the Higgs boson was actually not a fundamental particle meaning that the Higgs boson is capable of being broken down into other higher energy particles.  Unfortunately the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) that was responsible for finding the Higgs boson does not actually have the capability of producing enough energy to find these little guys. Currently CERN either has to upgrade the LHC or someone needs to find a few billion dollars to build a new more powerful particle collider. The theory of techni quarks has gained momentum due to the fact the Higgs boson has left to many unanswered questions that have left physicists scratching their head looking for answers. The way scientist have explained it is that when the Higgs boson travels through space it should interact with something called virtual particles. Essentially virtual particles are extremely low in mass and exist for extremely short periods of time.  When these virtual particles interact with the Higgs there mass should increase exponentially, but in the lab data has shown otherwise.  Techni quarks would solve the problem by manipulating the math in such a way that it would be able to fit neat and precisely into the standard model (theory of how particles interact). Theoretically they are sound but experimentally they have not been produced yet.  So hopefully in an appropriate time frame the LHC will be upgraded to further investigate the weird and wacky world of particle physics.


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