The Queen of Poop

I know the title sounds a little absurd but, Dr. Sarah Campbell’s research interest of right now involved microbes within the gastrointestinal tract and how they affect exercise with obese individuals. Within my physiology class which Dr. Campbell instructs, she has explained to us on several occasions in order to collect the data she needs for her study, she needs to collect feces, and in turn she gave herself the title “The Queen of Poop.” On another note, Dr. Campbell is currently and Assistant professor within the Exercise Science Department here at Rutgers University. As I eluded to before she conduct research and also a professor of two exercise physiology classes which take in depth view on how the body adapts to exercise. Dr. Campbell spent her earlier years obtaining her bachelors and master’s degree from Bloomberg University in Pennsylvania and later obtained her P.H.D. from Florida State University under the tutelage of Robert J. Moffatt in which she participated in the study in which I interviewed her being, “Acute exposure to environmental tobacco smoke reduces HDL-C and HDL_2_-C.” In the study Dr. Campbell measures HDL levels (the good cholesterol within the human body) of non-smokers after they are exposed to second hand smoke for extended periods of time. To her surprise the results were significant; HDL levels plummeted from baseline values. Essentially HDL is the good cholesterol because it monitors and regulates the bad cholesterol being LDL. A down regulation from the tobacco smoke would result in increased cholesterol which could later cause arterial diseases that could be life threatening. All in all her research continues to try to advance society by giving the knowledge it needs to combat diseases such as obesity.


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