Marijuana is far more Good then Evil

Increasingly marijuana has gained support throughout our nation, yet it is legal for recreational use in only two states being Washington and Colorado. Claims of marijuana being harmful and detrimental have weak evidence at best, and unfortunately ignorance plagues the information surrounding this little joyful green plant. Recently the Discover Magazine Blog has posted an Article asserting that a special strain of cannabis can in fact alleviate seizures from people suffering from epilepsy. Many sit around the fence regarding the medical facts of marijuana and the sad thing is, when it comes down to science its either fact or fiction yet, many fail to create the distinction between the two. I beg the question why should the many families who suffer from this chronic condition be forced to evacuate their lives and move to a state where marijuana has already been legalized.  Research around the subject has not received the attention it deserves, and the only way to sway the general public’s opinion on pot at this point is with dispelling its negative preconceived notions and replaced them with the facts. Progress is what allows improvements and it is progress that has made this world a better place. Is it not interesting that something natural and non-toxic such as marijuana can actually have a greater effect on epilepsy then most  the most advance pharmacology today? My question is what is delaying the inevitable progress of this research? In any case, epilepsy can be extremely overwhelming, in some cases people suffer from several hundred seizures a week, and if the cure can something as simple as plant why not take the avenue even though its the path with the greatest resistance. People should sympathize for the families who have to undergo the hardships of epilepsy and be a little more open minded when it comes to the subject of marijuana.

Link to Discovery Blog Post:


One thought on “Marijuana is far more Good then Evil

  1. Interesting read! I do find it strange that people are so stubborn in standing by the “Marijuana is bad” stance and not consider that it does have some benefits for people that are actually suffering. Also, someone using medicinal marijuana does not make them a bad person either. It is definitely a political issue, and now that two states have legalized it, it should be interesting to see where it goes from here.

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